Ajio Luxe Wkend, early known as Luxury Lifestyle Weekend (LLW) is back to Mumbai after a long pandemic-induced hiatus. It’s an experiential show at the forefront of art, design, fashion, and immersive offerings, Luxury Lifestyle Weekend is back with its third Edition. The ‘Ajio Luxe Wkend’ takes a more conscious, progressive, inclusive, and interactive approach across homegrown and international brands, whilst continuing to push boundaries for a one-of-its-kind experience.

I was invited to design 4 wall mural installation for the Ajio Luxe Wkend 2023.
There are wall murals together were over 200+ feet long which included 2 Entrance walls, 1 Home Wall & 1 Console Booth Wall.

Entrance Wall 1 - Left

50 feet x 10 feet

Entrance Wall 2 - Left

50 feet x 10 feet

The idea was to showcase the experience an individual would get throughout the Ajio Luxe Weekend 2023.
The illustration depicts the same through vivid colours from the brand and take hints from the exhibiting the brands, the elements and design is strected across various categories from Automobiles, Fashion & Lifestyle, Beauty, Jewellery, Watches, Home, Culinary and more.
The composition cohesively showcases a mixture of luxury to high end attributes that these brands will be showcasing throughout the event.
This design will also cater various photo-op for the attendees and willbe able to resonate from one of the wide range of categories.

Home Wall

120 feet x 10 feet

Console Booth Wall

24 feet x 10 feet

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