boAt - 1 Crore

Milestone Artwork for 1 Crore units manufactured in India.

Celebrating this milestone on Republic Day of India 2023, boAt collaborated with Yash Pradhan to create an AR integrated & animated Artwork to depict Industrialisation with respect to our factories in India, the manufacturing processes, product unboxing and 1 crore milestone achievement. boAt became the first Indian smartwatch brand to manufacture 1 crore Make in India products.

The aim was to create & highlight the milestone of 1 crore units manufactured by boAt being the first smartwatch brand to do it.
The design surrounded elements like manufacturing wheel, Conveyor belt, workers, that were important part of this process.
While also highlighting industrialisation in India to celebrate this milestone & peak into the future of tech and achievements.
The design cohesively showcases in a stamp design to mark,celebrate this process and milestone that boAt has achieved.

The Artwork was further integrated into AR (Augmented Reality) as an Instagram filter which was then
published on Front Page cover of Hindustan Times on January 30, 2023

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