The Collective x Yash Pradhan

Collective India ties up with noted Visual Artist, Illustrator and Designer Yash Pradhan to create custom-designed art on luxe denims.⁣⁣

The Invite

The goal was to highlight the collection of denims The Collective showcases while taking inspiration from the different brands and their motifs to create a playful luxury design through the enamel pins & the invites. The composition displays various attributes that also showcases the current season of spring-summer collection. The colour palette is inspired spring-summer with simple elements that encapsulates various motifs such bear, leaf, flowers, etc. in a surreal space.

The Enamel Pin

A series of customisable designs for screen printing on denims was created for the attendees & shoppers by choosing multiple designs, making the session more interactive by people being able to compose the type of design they want, the colours & different sizes of motifs & elements.

The event was held at The Collective, Palladium Mall, Mumbai where luxury shoppers & creators came together to customise their pair of denims, tote-bags, enamel pins and with the chance to interact with the artist himself.

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