Flipkart - ‘Firedrops’ NFT
for ‘The Big Billion Days’ with Edao

Flipkart, India’s biggest homegrown e-commerce marketplace, announced a partnership with eDAO, a Polygon-incubated organisation that designs and launches global art, media and entertainment IPs at scale into the world of Web3.

This was a collaboration with Flipkart where Edao, a property launching artists, musicians and cross-genre creators, bridging the worlds of Web2 and Web3. The partnership will bring alive the first ever Big Billion Days (BBD) digital treasure hunt on Firedrops for users to enable & earn Digital Collectibles.

This NFT was part of a collection of 10 works from various brands & artists, that you can view here: Firedrops by Flipkart Collection

The artwork originally was part of “Unlabel” by Edao

8 Weeks. 16 Artists. 8 NFT Collabs.

To ‘unlabel’ is to challenge the norm, the status quo, the current idea of 'ownership' for artists. To set the plan in motion unlabel by eDAO, Season 1 x Rarible started with a small step - opening up the doors to let the talent in.

Over a course of 8 weeks, unlabel broke in new talent, fresher perspectives and a whole lot of conversation around art into web3.

Fragments of Foresight

This collaboration envisions the descending of the cheerful facade, with a consonance in fragments of foresight coming together.

This illustration was created by Yash Pradhan in his prominent style of surrealism, with a clean mixture of geometric shapes & fluid bold lines with vibrant colours. Taking the concept ahead, Eeshani Mitra animated to awaken the vision of this still into her frame-by-frame style of animating & bringing this vision to life. To complete this collaboration, sound design was originally created by Yash as a final touch.

The purchase of this NFT confers ownership of this edition of the artwork for personal & non-commercial usage, and does not constitute a licence of any kind. The IP, ownership, and all rights, including copyright, are retained by the individual artists.

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