PingSafe - Identity & Illustrations

Logo Identity & Web Illustrations

PingSafe is the newest venture started by one of top bug bounty hackers in the world i.e Anand Prakash

PingSafe is a Cloud Security Loaded with Hacker Intelligence! It is built by Top-ranked hackers on bug bounty programs of more than 400 global companies including Uber, Facebook, Twitter and Salesforce.

Logo Identity:

The symbol here represents & follows the key element of security while showcasing it around cloud which together symbolizes the cloud security build through AI which pings the company for any type of cyber threat or breach around cloud assets.

The custom typography unifies and modernizes the logo which makes it stand out against competitors & can be easily adapted in different platform in online & offline

The color code chosen is aqua blue & sea green turquoise which compliments the unique typography & extends color scheme for the brand language.

Web Illustrations:

Landing Page & Sub-Page Illustrations

Feature Illustrations

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