Creative Gaga - Issue #60 Cover Art

Theme: Creativity & Money

To explore the complex relationship between money and creativity, delving into how financial factors impact artists, designers, and creative professionals, while offering insights and strategies to navigate the financial aspects of their creative pursuits.

Creative Gaga - Issue #60 Cover Art

The idea was to create visual artwork that serves as a portal to the intricate exploration of the intricate ties between money and creativity, unveiling the profound impact of financial factors on artists, designers, and creative professionals, all while providing them with indispensable insights and strategies to master the financial dimensions of their creative odysseys in this industry.

It’s an exploration of an artist finding it’s way to monetise their creative journey through social media, holding contracts that serve more purposeful to the artist, designers, and creative professionals to safeguard their rights over the artwork that usually gets exploited by brands & co’s, all these are showcased in smaller elements infusing it with vibrant and bold colors to evoke a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere.

The physical copy featured numerous works of Yash Pradhan,
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