Hundo Pizza x Yash Pradhan - 2023

Hundo Pizza x Yash Pradhan - 2023

@yashpradhan x @hundopizza for Burn In Hell 😈🔥💥

We’ve come together to create this fiery artwork to bring back Burn In Hell and bring it to life. For the love of pineapple on pizza! 🍍🔥

The idea was to create visual artwork that demands attention and sparks intrigue. As the campaign's name suggests, "Burn in Hell" isn't afraid to court controversy. It invites the viewer to reconsider preconceived notions and explore the uncharted territory of taste.

The artwork boldly features a pineapple set ablaze atop a pizza, challenging conventions and inviting viewers to question their perceptions of taste while retaining a visual language that was established in the first collaboration with elements like the outlines of the composition, the spaceman entering the Burn in Hell to translate a story line.

Limited Edition: Enamel Pin

The artwork showcases the juxtaposition of the tropical fruit and the blazing flames encapsulates the essence of the campaign: a harmonious collision of sweet and savory, tradition and innovation.

Limited Edition: T-shirts available through Zomato, Swiggy & Thrive.

Delivery Paper Bag Design

Ultimately, the artwork on the pizza box becomes a conversation starter, an invitation to embrace the fiery spirit of culinary experimentation, a testament to the power of visual representation in shaping discussions about innovation, tradition, and the art of taste.

Custom Butter Paper Design for each Pizza Boxes.

Postcard Design that comes with the Merch.

Packaging Tape Design.

Limited Sticker Pack

This was the second collaboration between Hundo Pizza & Yash Pradhan that found a lot of love in people’s hearts, eyes & tummy.

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