Hundo Pizza x Yash Pradhan

If you know me, you know my love for pizza is immense 🍕and since pandemic this pizza love is all about @hundopizza 🥵

Hundo Pizza has been one such experience for me. As I’ve been a regular at Hundo since late last year and initiating their artist collaborations with me just felt like the natural course, one that I was beyond excited about!

Kicking off the collaboration with
Hundo Merch Drop

which can be copped like you order your pizza through zomato, swiggy or thrive

Taking it 💯 further with the collaboration by printing 5000 pizza boxes with this artwork.

Culminating my love and experience with Hundo Pizza, this T-shirt is a symbolic take on the Hundo universe of hand-tossed dough, melting cheese & fresh toppings, one you can never get enough of.

Special postcard that was shared with the merch to the supporters.

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