KOPA, Pune - Hand Painted Mural Artwork

For KOPA Mall in Koregaon Park, Pune.

This wall art mural is a symphony of luxury and elegance, meticulously designed to immerse viewers in a world of aspiration and refined taste. It radiates a sophisticated allure through its muted yet vibrant color palette, effortlessly blending opulent hues with a contemporary edge. At its heart, this mural is a homage to the modern city of Pune, artfully capturing its bustling energy, architectural marvels, and cosmopolitan charm.

This mural size was 29 feet [width] x 13 feet [height]

This mural was executed in span of 2.5 days with minute details all hand painted.

The artwork seamlessly fuses timeless classiness with a nod to the future, echoing the city's own journey of progress and innovation. Within its frames, you'll find elements that celebrate Pune's rich history and cultural heritage, harmoniously coexisting with its cutting-edge technology and modern skyline.

The mural was finished during the opening night that followed with cocktails & food around where viewers could come chat with the Artist & watch him complete the artwork.

This mural invites you to gaze upon Pune as a city of dreams, a destination where luxury meets opportunity, where muted tones whisper of sophistication, and vibrant accents herald ambition. It's a visual embodiment of the city's dynamic spirit and a constant reminder of the endless possibilities that await in this cosmopolitan hub.

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