Bavlow - Soup or Salad EP Artwork

Created this juxtaposed artwork for Bavlow aka Dilip Jangid for his Debut EP, which is an attempt to stir a harmonious combination of melody & dynamics. With a long-standing goal of writing different styles of Drum & Bass tunes, Bavlow adds his own favourite sauces to this offering.

Bavlow is a musician, formerly known as Folkstep, BAVLOW stands as a new, more personal alias for producer Dilip Jangid, trying to channel his experiences with a wide array of sounds, ideas, tempos and genres. With that said, his roots will always remain Drum & Bass where he strives to find a middle ground between the heavy and the deep

The artwork contains a composition of all 3 tracks and it’s titles from Soup or Salad, Cheerful Facade & Perspective with a portrait of the artist himself. The EP Artwork depicts Balow’s thought which is meant to dive into stories of human observations & self-reflection, shedding light on struggles with depression, identity & mental health in general, as depicted in the spoken word samples sprinkled throughout.

The EP was released on Krunk Label with the title single first, followed by the complete EP Album and is now available on all streaming platforms.

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