Lak Nu Hila - Music Video

Visual Art Concept & Design

This project started with an idea from an previous collaboration “Belvedere” between Yash Pradhan & Rishabh Gandhi for which Su Real at that time was working on his music, approached me wanting to explore the same format into music video in vivid Virtual Sets with multiple environment.

Belvedere is a collaborative project between Yash Pradhan & Rishabh Gandhi about spaces and surreal experiences that has come together. This project tries to capture the essence of the surreal nature & behaviour that a space evokes during these difficult times. Locked behind our doors right now, the longing to step outside is stronger than ever. We designed a 360 degree space encapturing not only the prepossessing behaviour that the outside world provides but the comfort and the warmth of indoor elements with an electrifying touch of surreal artefacts. What kind of indoor-outdoor space do you imagine?


Vectors Illustrations

Final 3D Renders

Entrance to the Mansion for the opening scene

The Mansion

Original Belvedere - Inside of the Mansion

Poolside of the Mansion

Ballroom Inside the Mansion

Courtyard of the Mansion

These renders were further taken ahead by the VFX Team to integrate the green screen footage of the artists & dancers to complete the video.

Full credits as following:

Audio Production: Su Real, Dutty Deedz
Vocals/Lyrics: GD 47, J Trix, General Zooz
Audio Mastering: J Trix

Executive Producer: Su Real
Visual Art Concept & Design: Yash Pradhan
Visual Art 3D Renders: Rishabh Gandhi
VFX & Graphic Design: Vrajesh Pithadiya, Siddharth Kapoor, Jishnu Chatterjee

Cameras, Lighting & Assistant Producers: Nishant Jhamb, Polina Schapova
Choreography, Styling & Assistant Producer: Lady Lolita
Dancers: Lady Lolita, Priyanka Ahuja, Aakanksha Sehrawat, Shraddha 'Musiq' Kutty, Agam Anand, Suraj Verma, Jiah Bhardwaj, Nishkarsh Arora, Bgirl Sumku, Leslie Doreen, Akash Skipper

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