Yash Pradhan x Instagram - In the Making

IN THE MAKING campaign by Instagram explores how Instagram reels have provided the youth in the country a platform for creating creative content and sharing it with the world. It aims to encourage the youth to explore their unique talents by sharing their work in progress selves on Instagram and be recognized and appreciated. It also highlights the multidimensionality of the youth.

Instagram reached out to me for their ‘In The Making’ Kolkata Installation to create central mural while the side panel (not shown above) was created by Anwesha aka @parkers_illustrations

This Illustration depicts how Instagram as a platform has brought people together from different parts of nation & from all over the world.

Creators finding communities within such group of differently skilled people. Encouraging, supporting, sharing these positive content with friends & family hasn’t been more easier. Drawing inspiration from Kolkata with elements such as iconic yellow cabs & trams to highlight with the “support small business” sticker.

The illustration shows different aspects of process which is brought through togetherness of such creators.

After creating the digital version, we headed to Eco Park, Kolkata where we had 2 days to turn this into a mural art sizing 16x10 feet & it included a TV where Instagram Reels from different content creators were being showcased. And to help me execute this faster I was assisted by @have_some_art @dimplesolanki_ @manamidutta

After completion, Instagram held a 2day event to promote & get the local residents of Kolkata involved in multiple fun activities.

Finally wrapping this into reels of my own one which showcases the process & the final mural.

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