Front Page Artwork - The Economic Times
Ajio Luxe Wkend 2024 - ET Front Page

Ajio Luxe Weekend, a prestigious luxury lifestyle event that unfolded from January 12–14, 2024, in Jio Garden, BKC, Mumbai made a grand statement with a collaboration that extended beyond the event itself. Partnering with Yash Pradhan, a versatile visual artist, designer, and illustrator, the organizers curated a visually stunning artwork for the front page of the esteemed national newspaper, The Economic Times.

The featured artwork was not merely a visual treat but served as a comprehensive guide to the extravagant event. Yash Pradhan's composition skillfully mapped out the venue, providing a preview of what attendees could anticipate during the Ajio Luxe Weekend. The intricate design showcased key highlights such as the Ajio Luxe Lounge, House of Chivas, HSBC Cafe, Tira Mansion, Main Stage, F&B area, and a dedicated space for Basketball and Streetwear enthusiasts.

Inspired by physical installation the artwork also highlighted various categories, creating an immersive experience for visitors. Categories such as Art, Automobile, Beauty, Culinary, Fashion, Home & Design, Jewellery, Streetwear, Watches, and over 250+ brands were prominently featured. This collaboration seamlessly brought together the realms of art, design, and luxury lifestyle, creating an engaging and informative visual representation of the multifaceted experiences awaiting attendees at the event.

Mini Billboards to promote the event & the experience.

Placing this artwork on the front page of The Economic Times added a touch of sophistication and exclusivity, making a bold statement about the significance of Ajio Luxe Weekend in the realms of art, design, and luxury. It not only served as an invitation but also as a collector's item, encapsulating the essence of the event and the collaborative spirit between Ajio Luxe Weekend and Yash Pradhan.

Here’s Yash Pradhan holding his artwork on front page of The Economic Times at Ajio Luxe Wkend 2024, Jio Garden, BKC, Mumbai.

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