Amplifier x Yash Pradhan

Amplifier is a Design Lab that builds art to amplify the voices of grassroots movements.

In response to COVID-19, Amplifier and our partners are launching an emergency campaign with top art curators and public-health advisors from around the world.

Below are the 2 artworks illustrated & designed by me that were licensed by Amplifier & curated by W1 Curates

Even if you’re isolated, you’ve to remind yourself you’re not alone in this. Staying home can be uninspiring, times passes slower but remember this too shall pass.

When you're stuck in one space you find newer things around you that you may have taken for granted, explore them, embrace them together, make the most of things you're surrounded with.

These two artworks were further displayed at Oxford Street, London.
Below is the video & more pictures of it being displayed on a 3 storey
Flannels store in May 2020.

Collaboration with Amplifier & w1curates being displayed at Flannels at Oxford Street, London. Showcasing many artworks from global artists to uplift Public ...

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