The Memory Project

The Memory Project is an initiative by HDFC Life to build a community where people can share their memories and cope during this difficult time.

At the event, every memory and experience is brought to life through heartfelt performances by artists who understand the sorrow of losing a loved one.

The Memory Project aims to help people go beyond sorrow and cherish the lives of their loved ones lost.

Designed invites, guidebooks & postcard for this event that took place on 29th September 2019 at Famous Studios, Mumbai

The invites was a foldable guidebook that gave glimpse about the show to the attendees which included different stages of grievance.

Patrons also shared their own stories. Some spoke, while others wrote post-cards to their dear departed ones. Curating memories from users, we re-created the scents that reminded them of their loved ones. These signature scents were accompanied with warm stories of their lost departed ones.

Through these interactions, guests looked beyond their grief to fonder memories of their loved ones.

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