Stage Design for Nucleya’s Sub Cinema Tour 18-19  


The design of the stage was inspired by old theaters with the twist of Nucleya’s design & other inspiration drawn from Indian truck art which is represented above.

This design mock up was further modeled by Shravan Shetty & Ankit Patwa from Wolves and used as visuals throughout Nucleya’s Sub Cinema Tour.

These stage designs were further used as posters for the Sub Cinema Tour

Made more wacky typography inspired local Indian phrases & tracks by Nucleya.

These were looped to sync with Nucleyas set & vivid visuals in the back.

Animated a fun loop for Nucleya’s new track which hit 4+ milion views on Youtube

NUCLEYA - DHOOP feat. Vibha Saraf

Vocals, lyrics & co-written by Vibha Saraf Artwork by Pinksoda Animation by Wolves Dhoop nikli hai wahin, Sajaa tha chaand kabhi, Khili umang nayi, Phir se udi main

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