Maed In India 200th Episode

Maed In India 200th Episode

Designed promotional artwork again for the lovely folks at Maed In India Podcast, that will be used across platforms for our 200th episode, as they refreshed their brand design identity, keeping the same aesthetic while also showcasing this new rebrand as part of our first promotion for the year for our 200th. 

Since this is the 200th Episode, the idea for the design is based on the Rs.200 currency note (India is one of the few countries with one). So it’s a kind of tongue-in-cheek spoof of the Rs.200 currency note (Musical Currency) as their 200th episode banner artwork.

You can stream this on all podcast platforms.

Listen to this episode from Maed In India on Spotify. WE ARE CELEBRATING EPISODE 200 on Maed in India. And who else to invite to the party than indie pop singer-songwriter Nikhil D'Souza! Listen to him perform an exquisite and emotional set on the show with guitarist Zohran Miranda.

With the overwhelming love for the design these were printed as merch for a limited period celebrating their 200th Episode.

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