Normal Stuff - Brand Identity

Normal Stuff is a brand that focuses on eco-friendly day to day essentials for all the people who want take a step into bio degradable products.
Doing good for the environment and doing good for humanity go hand in hand.
The identity focuses on minimalism with the character i play throughout the brand.

Logo, Character & Colour Palette

Normal Toothbrush

This plastic-free sustainable bamboo toothbrush.
The nylon-6 bristles are soft and infused with activated charcoal, known to absorb plaque, help whiten teeth and prevent bad breath.
Also is packaged in a compostable and recyclable cardboard box.

Normal Buds

Eco-friendly wooden earbuds made from recycled wood for the the consumers.
Made of bamboo and organic cotton are - no matter if at home or on the way - your alternative to all plastic options.
After use the cotton swabs can simply be disposed in the organic waste, compost or wherever.

Packaging for the normal buds.

Normal Bag

Carry-all tote bag made from friendly recycled cotton. Holds more than a standard brown paper grocery bag.
Made with recycled cotton-even more sustainable than organic cotton; double-stitched at all stress points for added durability

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